Friday 22 May 2009

How to improve coding

Reddit has gone downhill (it's almost as bad as Digg), but there are still some insightful comments. Take this answer regarding how to become better at programming:

  • "Buy lots of cans of paint and start doodling. Only artsy types can be true hackers.

  • Learn everything there is to know about manhole covers. This shows you have vital knowledge outside of programming.

  • Study to be an architect, find patterns everywhere and name them. Write a programming book about it and bask in the fame.

  • Become proficient in programming languages you will never use seriously. Only the best can afford to waste time so.

  • Keep up with the fads of the day while holding on to religious tenets of the past. You will be flexible yet dependable.

  • Read a book about motorcycle maintenance and see its deep connections to programming. You will seem mysterious and wise.

  • Know deep in your heart that you're in the top 10% of all programmers. Superiority is a state of mind.

  • When you once get the hang of programming, you know everything. There is no elephant, only tree trunks all alike."

  • This touches on most of the memes regarding improving as a programmer that I've seen. Hackers and Painters, crazy interview questions, read SICP, extreme programming and the 10x gap in performance.

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