Tuesday 6 January 2009

Game of Life Part II

A helpful comment on my previous blog entry suggested that instead of crazy zip rubbish, I could instead view the grid as a Point => Value mapping. Is that a good change to make?

Here's the changes from the previous version. Full code on my Git repository.

(defstruct point :x :y)

(defn world-at [world point]
(get world point))

(defn toggle-pos [world point]
(if (zero? (world-at world point))
(assoc world point 1)
(assoc world point 0)))

(defn neighbours [p]
(let [x (:x p) y (:y p)]
[(struct point (dec x) (dec y)) (struct point x (dec y)) (struct point (inc x) (dec y))
(struct point (dec x) y) (struct point (inc x) y)
(struct point (dec x) (inc y)) (struct point x (inc y)) (struct point (inc x) (inc y))]))

(defn neighbour-count [world p]
(reduce + (map (fn [x] (let [v (world-at world x)] (if (nil? v) 0 v))) (neighbours p))))

(defn new-state [world p]
(let [neighbours (neighbour-count world p) alive (world-at world p)]
(and (= alive 1) (< neighbours 2)) 0 ;; under population
(and (= alive 1) (> neighbours 3)) 0 ;; over-crowding
(and (= alive 1) (or (= 2 neighbours) (= 3 neighbours))) 1 ;; unchanged to the next generation
(and (= 3 neighbours)) 1 ;; any tile with exactly 3 live neighbour cells becomes alive
:else 0)))

(defn life-step [w]
(into (hash-map) (map (fn [x] [(first x) (new-state w (first x))]) w)))

(defn create-world [w h]
(let [x (range 0 w) y (range 0 h)]
(apply hash-map (mapcat (fn [a] (mapcat (fn [b] (list (struct point a b) 0)) y)) x))))

Most of the functions above are much clearer (apart from create-world) than they were previously. In addition the SLOC has decreased from 74 to 66, so the code is more concise too.

I did sacrifice sparseness for neatness. I needed to have the values populated as dead such that life-step could just be written as a map function. If the values didn't exist, I'd have to create something from nothing. In this case, I think the trade off is OK.

Overall, I think this is a definite improvement over the previous version.

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