Saturday 23 October 2010

Duplicate symbol my_inet_ntoa when upgrading Yesod

Upgraded Yesod today, but found I could no longer run the application.

  GHCi runtime linker: fatal error: I found a duplicate definition for symbol
  whilst processing object file
  This could be caused by:
     * Loading two different object files which export the same symbol
     * Specifying the same object file twice on the GHCi command line
     * An incorrect `package.conf' entry, causing some object to be
       loaded twice.
  GHCi cannot safely continue in this situation.  Exiting now.  Sorry.

Haskell packages are described here. Running ghc-pkg-list showed me that network- was mentioned in the usr/local/lib ghc package.conf.d and also that a later version network- was also present.

To solve this problem, it seems like I had to simply do cabal upgrade http. Perhaps a dependency is missing? Not entirely sure, but thought I'd note the problem here so someone else encountering it will find it!