Wednesday 10 June 2009

Generating Images using Image Magick

In order to play with neural networks for OCR, I needed to create a series of test images.

ImageMagick is a set of command line tools that provide image manipulation functions. It's pretty simple to write a quick script to generate a bucket load of images.

The script below generates a load of images of digits between 0 and 9 using every font available within image magick,

use strict;
use warnings;

# Gives me a list of fonts
my @fonts = split('\n', qx{identify -list font | grep Font: | cut -d: -f2});
my @numbers = (0..9);

foreach my $font (@fonts) {
foreach my $number (@numbers) {
my $filename = sprintf("%s_%s.gif", $font, $number);
my $commandLine = "convert -fill black -pointsize 8 -size 8x8 -font$font label:$number$filename";

5 minutes later, and I've got 340 test images. Neat.

Generated images showing big list of numbers

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