Sunday 1 February 2009

Highlighting Code for the Web using Emacs

(defn process-pixel [x y]
((fn [x y xc yc accum]
(let [x1 (+ (- (* x x) (* y y)) xc)
y1 (+ (* 2 x y) yc)
sq (+ (* x1 x1) (* y1 y1))]

(> accum *max-iteration*) *max-iteration*
(> sq 2.0) accum
:else (recur x1 y1 xc yc (inc accum))))) x y x y 0))

On Ubuntu you can install a bunch of Emacs goodies by installing the emacs-goodies-el package.

Once you've done this, you'll have Htmlize and can just do M-x htmlize-buffer to get an HTML rendition of the current buffer. This uses CSS, so all you really need to do is whack the definitions in your Blogger template and then paste the body of the code in. Obviously you'll need something like Slime or some other Emacs package that does the highlighting.

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