Sunday 21 December 2008

99 Problems in Lisp (Part VII)

P23 - Extract a given number of randomly selected elements from a list. This is daft looking because the previously defined remove-at function is one based!

(defn rnd-select [lst n]
(when (> n 0)
(let [x (rand-int (count lst))]
(lazy-cons (nth lst x) (rnd-select (remove-at lst (inc x)) (dec n))))))

P24 Select N different frombers from the set 1..m

(defn lotto-select [n rng]
(rnd-select (range 1 rng) n))

P25 Permute a list

(defn rnd-permu [lst]
(let [length (count lst)]
(when (> length 0)
(let [x (rand-int length)]
(lazy-cons (nth lst x) (rnd-permu (remove-at lst (inc x))))))))

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